Step 1

Purchase the Take-Home Impression Kit.
Click here to purchase.

Step 2

Take Your Child’s Impression.

  • Open the package, remove the container of nontoxic* modeling compound, and take the lid off the container.
  • Press either a little hand or a little foot in the modeling compound. Make sure the impression is deep and evenly distributed in the compound.
  • Tip: You may want to have another adult distract the baby while taking the impression.
  • Examine the impression. What you see is what you’ll get in your glass keepsake—right down to each tiny line of the hand or foot. If you don’t like what you see, simply roll the modeling compound into a ball and flatten. You can do this repeatedly until you get an impression you like. Once you do, be careful not to touch the impression.
  • Put the lid on the container and place it in the plastic bag provided. Seal the bag carefully so the compound doesn’t dry out; the bag must be airtight.
Step 3

Complete the Order Form. (included in kit)
Here you will do the following:

  • Select from three glass colors:

  • Decide what you want etched on your glass keepsake (20 characters or less)

  • Provide the address you want the keepsake shipped to
  • Indicate if you want the keepsake made for hanging*
Step 4

Mail Kit to Pinkies & Piggies®

  • Using the paper shred provided to cushion it, place the sealed plastic bag in the Take-Home Impression Kit box, along with the order form. Seal the box, then write your return address (FROM) on the mailing label that’s already placed on the box.
  • Ship the box using the carrier of your choice. You’re responsible for shipping the child’s impression back to us, which runs around $5.00 USPS. We’ll send you an email when we receive your impression.

Wait patiently 3-4 weeks for your
Pinkies & Piggies® Glass Keepsake to arrive!