Can I order exact duplicate keepsakes when I send in my original impression?
Yes, many customers choose to order several keepsakes when they send in the original impression. This option is available to add to your cart right here on our website.

Whitehouse Glass can make as many keepsakes as you like from the original impression. Exact duplicate keepsakes cost $50.00 each. This price includes shipping & handling.

Can I reorder an exact duplicate of a keepsake I have purchased in the past?
We keep your impression on file for 3 years so you can reorder exact duplicates of your keepsake. Exact duplicates of previous orders can only be purchased by calling 1.888.616.5449 or 419.356.1589 or emailing rachel@pinkiesandpiggies.com. Right now we do not accept reorders of previous purchases online.

Is there a limit to the size of the hand- or footprint I can have transformed into a Pinkies & Piggies® glass keepsake?
Yes. The container of modeling compound in the Pinkies & Piggies® Take-Home Impression Kit is 5 inches in diameter, and the hand or foot must lie flat in it to make the impression. The longest measurement of the hand or foot must be under 5 inches.

Is there an ideal age to have a Pinkies & Piggies® glass keepsake made?
That’s up to you, but we believe the younger, the better. That way, you capture baby’s tiny hand- or footprints as soon as possible. Many of our customers have a keepsake made every year for their child.

How many hand- and/or footprints can be made with one Take-Home Impression Kit?
One print per Take-Home Impression Kit.

Is the kit messy?
No. Unlike many handprint kits, Pinkies & Piggies® doesn’t require messy mixing or cleanup!

Will the modeling compound be rough on my baby’s skin?
No. Pinkies & Piggies® uses a soft, non-toxic modeling compound.

Incredible Detail

What if I am not happy with the hand or foot impression on my first try?
Try, try again! You can rework the compound and try again as many times as you like. Just be sure to make the surface smooth. We suggest using a spatula that is groove-free.

Tip: Do not flatten with your hand because the impression will pick up your fingerprints too.

What if I order a Take-Home Impression Kit online and it is lost or damaged in the mail?
No problem. Email Whitehouse Glass and we will correct the situation.

What if I send Whitehouse Glass the impression of my baby’s hand- or footprint and it’s lost or damaged in the mail?
When Whitehouse Glass receives your impression, we always email you to let you know it has arrived. If you don’t receive an email from us within 10 business days, your impression may be lost in the mail. Notify Whitehouse Glass via email, and we’ll look into it and correct the situation.

I want to use my glass keepsake as a paperweight. Do I have to have the keepsake made for hanging?
No. There’s a place on the order form where you can indicate whether or not you want your keepsake designed to hang.

Baby's Name

How will the child’s name be placed on the keepsake?
Your child’s name will be etched on the back of the keepsake, where it won’t affect the delicate
hand- or footprint that’s been captured in glass.

Do I have to have the child’s name on the keepsake? Can I have something else etched on it?
You can have up to 20 letters/numbers etched on the keepsake. There’s a place on the order form where you indicate what you want etched. Many people have us personalize their keepsake with their child’s first name and their date of birth, or the date the print was taken.

Will I select the glass color when I buy a Pinkies & Piggies® Take-Home Impression Kit?
No. Keep in mind that the Take-Home Impression Kit contains everything needed to create an impression that you—or the person you give it to as a gift— will send to Whitehouse Glass. Included is an order form to send with the impression. In addition to the usual name and address information, our order form requests the following specific information:

  • Glass color choice: blue, pink, or clear
  • Should the keepsake be designed to hang
  • What should be etched on the back of the keepsake
  • What address should the finished keepsake be shipped to (Ingenious grandparents have been known to “sneak” a child’s hand or footprint while babysitting, then have us create a glass keepsake and ship it to the baby’s parents.)

Who pays for shipping and handling (S&H)?
When you buy a Take-Home Impression Kit online, you pay $9.99 S&H unless we have a Free Shipping promotion going on. (Lucky you, right now we do!) That covers the cost of shipping the Take-Home Impression Kit to you (or the person you asked us to send it to). It also covers the cost of shipping the finished Pinkies and Piggies® glass keepsake to you.

When the impression is ready to be shipped to Whitehouse Glass, we recommend it be sent via USPS. The sender is responsible for shipping costs, which is roughly $5.00 USPS.

How do I display my keepsake?
We have used our keepsakes as Christmas ornaments, and mounted them in shadowboxes with each child’s photo. As you can see, we’ve also hung them on an ornament stand to display in our home. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know. We would love to see them!

Here are some suggestions on how to display your Pinkies & Piggies® Glass Keepsake: